The Message Rediscovered, or the clock of God's night and day - of LOUIS CATTIAUX

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Avec une préface de Jeanne d'Hooghvorst.
The Message Rediscovered, or the Mystery of Man Revived, experienced, assimilated and lived in the simplicity of heart and mind. You'll need to leaf through these pages of condensed sentences, where not a word is superfluous, but where everything is ordered in a single direction, which is not, however, revealed on first reading. It's a guide for exiles, a compass for the lost. Louis Cattiaux lived unknown, even to those who thought they knew him. He meditated on this book in the silence and abandonment of this world, forging and polishing its sentences day after day, with exceptional skill. This book will please you if you prefer the thing to the words. These verses are not impenetrable: they speak only to what is most essential in us, and often, alas, most neglected or despised. It asks to be read, re-read and meditated upon without preconceived ideas. It is for those who are tired of a dead-end world, a world increasingly alien to all that is truly human.  «The Book speaks to intuition, to love and to deep memory, not to the intelligence, will and superficial reason of men. What the Book says is great, but what it induces in each of us is incommensurable.»  «God is the conscience of life, and life is the body of God.»

Louis Cattiaux was born in Valenciennes on 17th August, 1904 and departed this world in Paris on 16th July, 1953. He was a painter by profession. Cattiaux wanted his work to be published first in English, but his wish could not be fulfilled: the first complete edition appeared in 1956 in French. Le Message Retrouvé has since been published on several occasions in many languages. Here, then, at last The Message Rediscovered in English, for the safeguard and salvation of those exiled in this world.
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